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Concept Submission Questions

  • What is a concept? expand_more

    Concepts are a high-level abstract of the study highlighting the indication and compound to be used. The concept is limited to 1,000 characters or less, please be specific about what you would like to do so Lilly can determine if the concept is in or out of scope.

  • Why am I limited to providing so little information? expand_more

    The concept is to capture your idea of the study – rationale, objective and study design. If you concept is deemed in scope, Lilly would invite you to submit a detailed application via the IIR Portal.

  • What if I already have a full protocol written? expand_more

    Concepts are written at a high level and if Lilly is interested in your concept, you will be invited to submit your full protocol.

  • What can I submit? expand_more

    The portal is for unsolicited pre-clinical and clinical requests.

  • The drug I want to work with is not listed, what do I do? expand_more

    Select Other from the drop down and fill in the free text field.

  • My idea is not included in the scope statement, what do I do? expand_more

    Lilly welcomes all ideas; please submit your concept for review.

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