Lilly Oncology is dedicated to delivering innovative treatment approaches with the goal of improving the outcomes of people living with cancer. We are driven to accelerate the pace and progress of cancer care by developing a broad portfolio of therapies, including those tailored to unique patients and those that modulate the immune system. Lilly's commitment to improving the length and quality of people's lives is achieved through its internal drug development programs and its support of Investigator Initiated Research.
Lilly Immunology is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with immunological diseases and disorders. We are driven to developing innovative solutions through our broad portfolio of therapeutic agents directed at multiple targets in cytokine pathways. Through internal research programs and support of investigator initiated studies, we are dedicated to long-term partnerships that will enable us to make a real impact on individuals' lives. Lilly is also committed to support external research in Dermatological clinical and molecular aspects affecting patients with skin of color.
Since the foundation of the company, Lilly researchers have explored and developed new pain therapies across multiple disease states including headache and chronic pain disorders. The goal of Lilly's research in headache/pain is to provide novel, non-opiate therapeutics that significantly improve the lives of patients living with a range of chronic painful conditions.
Our goal is to make Alzheimer's dementia preventable. We will do so with a primary focus in disease modification in Alzheimer's disease, discovering and selecting therapeutic targets with compelling evidence from human genetics and pathophysiology, and using biomarkers to detect pathology and begin treatment earlier in the disease process where there is the greatest opportunity to prevent memory problems and functional decline from the beginning. We will complement our disease modification efforts through targeted pursuit of transformative therapies for cognitive and psychiatric symptoms.
Lilly Diabetes is committed to address the diverse needs of people with diabetes and consistently support patients as their needs change. We are focused on delivering solutions that will bring simplicity and ease of use in diabetes treatment and information on the effective, safe, timely, and appropriate use of a broad range of therapy in order to improve patient outcomes.
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